What can you expect?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a veteran of several purchases, our team will work with you to ensure that you feel confident making the right real estate choice. Our clients are often surprised when they hear us say, “Let’s move on. You can do better.” It may take us more time but, ultimately, we want you to buy the right home at the right time. Noble? Perhaps. It’s also self-serving, because when you ask us to sell your home several years down the road, we want to look you in the eye and tell you that your sale will be an easy one! 

We deliver the following services for you:

  • A mortgage broker recommendation, if needed.

  • Review and analysis of your mortgage broker’s recommendations.

  • An in-depth conversation of your personal circumstances and how they might impact your purchase. We want to know where you hope to buy, why you want to buy, with whom and when.

  • We will customize your search so that emails of new listings are sent your way immediately.

  • Because of the large number of sales that we transact every year, we’re very often able to walk you through our new listings before they’re available to the general public.

  • One of the keys to a successful purchase is the ability to walk through new listings immediately. If your assigned broker is not available or is double booked, there’s an entire team who can step in to help.

  • Once you find the right property, we will provide you with the appropriate comparable sales to determine the correct sales price.

  • Once your offer is accepted, we will help guide the transaction to close. We will also recommend an attorney, if necessary, and provide your attorney with the offer for review. We will provide your mortgage broker the same. Additionally, we will help you schedule your inspections and negotiate the contingency removal.

  • Finally, we’ll keep in constant contact with both you and your attorney to troubleshoot any problems until the transfer of title is concluded.

Home buying timeline

Home Buying Timeline

I have so appreciated your inquisitiveness, warmth and patience, your willingness to help us get to know Rochester better, and your advocating of honest and open communication.

–Julie Brooks
Purchased with the Mark Siwiec Team

There is an art to buying and selling homes. We’ve done it five times in the last 30 years and used Mark and his team for four of them (and Mark’s old boss for the first one). Each time we did better than we thought we could, following Mark’s advice. He’s an artist.

–Bob Martin
Purchased and sold with the Mark Siwiec Team

Mark quickly earned our confidence and taught us all about the real estate market in the area. He has a great wealth of knowledge and was kind enough to share that knowledge with us as needed.

–Andy and Sandy Johnson
Purchased  with the Mark Siwiec Team